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Girl Mauled By Pit Bull Saved By Neighbors

Neighbors shoot dog that attacked teen girl in Deerfield Beach



    Girl Mauled By Pit Bull Saved By Neighbors

    A 13-year-old Deerfield Beach girl who was attacked by her pet pit bull is lucky to be alive after neighbors beat and fatally shot the dog to get it off her, a Broward Sheriff's office report said.

    Tayla Johnson was home alone Monday night when her pit bull MJ began "acting strange" as she tried to put him in a bathroom, according to the report obtained by the Sun-Sentinel.

    The dog started biting her on the arms and face, and when her brother and cousin came home, they saw the pit bull with its jaw locked on her face.

    The brother and cousin tried to get the dog off her by hitting it with keys and broomstick, but it wouldn't release her. Two neighbors came with baseball bats and tried to beat MJ away, but were unsuccessful.

    A third neighbor came with his 9mm handgun and shot the dog three or four times in the side and head. When it didn't stop, the man shot the pit bull a fifth time, finally killing it.

    Johnson was taken to North Broward Medical Center. She's expected to be hospitalized for several weeks and require reconstructive surgery.