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Gloria Estefan Goes Spider-Woman to Escape Dolphins' Suite

Gloria Estefan and guests were trapped in her luxury box at the Dolphins-Jets game



    If there was any doubt Gloria Estefan was the most awesomest Miamian of all-time, then all doubt has been removed after her death defying stunt Sunday night.

    Estefan was forced to climb out of the window of her luxury box at Sun Life Stadium after she and some guests got trapped in the suite just before halftime of the Miami Dolphins versus New York Jets game last night. 

    The Latin singing icon and minority owner of the Miami Dolphins apparently has no patience for tardiness or doors that don't want to open.

    Cell phone video captured Estefan's jaw-dropping maneuver in which she kicked off her Dolphins green Yves Saint Laurent pumps and transformed into Spider-Woman to get out of the owner's box on the third level of the stadium as fans watched from below.

    It's unclear how long the former lead singer of the Miami Sound Machine was trapped in the box, but locksmiths, stadium security and even firefighters failed at freeing Estefan. And we're not going to even get into the conspiracy theory that it may have been some Jets' fan sabotage.

    Didn't matter to Estefan, who took matters into her own hands and climbed out the window.

    With the smoothness of an experienced cat burglar (a la Catherine Zeta Jones in the movie, "Entrapment"), Estefan went from her suite into the window of the suite next door and still made down to the field in time to introduce Enrique Iglesias before his performance as the halftime show.

    Now that's dedication and awesomeness.

    What other team has a part owner that can do that?