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Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Gov. Scott Urges Fla. RNC Delegates to Stay Put

Scott says everyone should remain indoors



    Gov. Rick Scott is urging Florida's Republican National Convention delegates to stay put and not venture into Tampa nearly 30 miles away because of wind and rain from Tropical Storm Isaac.

    Heavy Rains Expected at RNC

    Scott updated the delegates on the storm Monday, saying that it did little damage in the Florida Keys, but that everyone in the Tampa Bay area should stay home.

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    He added that he knows people are frustrated that the first day of the convention was postponed by the weather, but that the convention organizers made the right decision. A major concern was buses driving in heavy winds.

    Scott also said he will not participate in convention events Monday and Tuesday because the storm still poses a threat to Pensacola, even if it doesn't get a direct hit.

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