Handcuffed Woman Escapes Broward Courthouse

A woman who was ordered back into custody escaped from the Broward courthouse while wearing handcuffs Thursday, officials said.

Dayanira Salazar, 35, was attending a hearing on grand theft charges for stealing her sister's jewelry last October when the judge ordered her back into custody.

Sometime after the handcuffs were placed on her, Salazar managed to run out of the courtroom then out of the courthouse and into the street.

A deputy chased Salazar, who made it to the Southwest 3rd Street bridge about a block from the courthouse, where she got into a taxi cab, officials said. The deputy jumped in front of the cab to stop it.

"Our deputy got there just in time, she blocked the cab, and the driver locked the doors, deputy was waiting for backup," Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Gina Carter said. "The woman started acting very erratic and the cabbie was in fear so he released the locks off the doors."

Salazar got out of the cab and tried to get into another car but was taken into custody, officials said. She was taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of asthma. The deputy also suffered a minor injury.

Officials said Salazar will now face additional charged related to the escape and for stealing the handcuffs.