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Hot-Headed Holy Roller Accused of Stalking Priest

Elderly woman left threatening messages for Coral Springs Catholic priest



    Hot-Headed Holy Roller Accused of Stalking Priest
    Broward Sheriff's Office
    Dorothy Joan Scalise

    Dorothy Joan Scalise looks like a kindly old woman, but police say the 70-year-old Tamarac woman has it in for a Catholic priest.

    Scalise was arrested Wednesday and charged with stalking after police said she left several threatening messages for Father Edward Konopka earlier this week, according to a Broward Sheriff's Office report.

    It was the second time the unemployed elderly woman has been accused of stalking the priest.

    Konopka, a priest at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Coral Springs, told police Scalise has been a parishoner for ten years before she began harassing him in January of last year.

    At that time, he told police Scalise had "left angry messages, began screaming incoherently and made numerous threats of violence," according to the report. 

    When Konopka arrived at his home on Jan. 25, 2010, Scalise was "sitting on a parking stone located directly outside his residence." Afraid for his safety, Konopka called police, and Scalise apparently dropped her obsession with the priest.

    But then on Feb. 4 of this year, the hot-headed holy roller began calling Konopka again on his home telephone number and started making harassing calls.

    "During this time, the calls became violent and the defendant began leaving threatening messages of violence toward the victim on his answering machine," the report states.

    Konopka called the police Tuesday night, and when officers went to arrest Scalise Wednesday afternoon, they found her sitting on a bench at a Publix across the street from Konopka's church.

    Scalise was being held early Thursday.