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Boyfriend of Missing Woman Arrested for Murder

Murder suspect's gambling addiction led authorities right to him



    The ex-boyfriend of a woman who's body was found in the Everglades has been arrested after an international search led authorities to a gambling house in Nicaragua.

    Roque J. Torres, 60, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 40-year old Marisol Ramon. He was going by the name of Roque Jacinto Flores in the capital of Nicaragua.

    Ramon disappeared from a Miami Lakes parking lot on May 26 and her body was found along U.S. 27 near the Florida Everglades over a month later. Surveillance video from the Miami Lakes Shopping Plaza captured Ramon driving away and being followed by an SUV that belonged to Torres.

    Authorities quickly turned their attention to Torres, but the man had already skipped town with the help of his family.

    Torres allegedly arrived in Costa Rica on May 27, a day after his wife disappeared and then managed to make it to Nicaragua the following day.

    International police said Torres' love of gambling proved to be his downfall. He asked his family in the U.S. for large sums of money to feed his gambling habit, which grabbed the attention of authorities.

    When police tracked him down at a Managua casino, Torres provided a fake ID, but an Interpol search revealed he was wanted for murder in Miami.

    Investigators said he admitted to agents that he had some unresolved domestic violence issues in the United States.