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Speed Limit to Lower on I-95 in South Florida

Construction for express lanes yields a lowered speed limit



    Speed Limit to Lower on I-95 in South Florida
    Christa DeRidder, Shutterstock
    Construction for express lanes on I-95 yields a lowered speed limit starting Tuesday.

    Construction work on Interstate 95 will result in a new, lowered speed limit Tuesday in South Florida.

    Construction work on two tolls in the express lanes will reduce the current speed limit of 65 miles per hour to 55 miles per hour in South Broward, the Miami Herald reported.

    The change in speed limit is set between the Miami-Dade and Broward County line and north of Griffin Road for now, but will move upward along with construction. When it does, I-95 south from Sunrise Boulevard will have the new speed limit.


    Gov. Rick Scott plans on extending it to the Broward-Palm Beach county line. He also plans on adding them to Interstate 75 and the Palmetto Expressway, the Herald reports.

    According to the Herald, the interstate will be restored to the original speed limit of 65 mph, but not until construction is over, around November 2014.

    Florida Department of Transportation spokeswoman Barbara Kelleher said there will also be lane closures due to construction, but will be limited to later hours. During high traffic hours in the morning and evening, lanes will be made off the shoulders to allow construction to continue.

    “Obviously, be alert for the lower speed limit, and be alert for lane shifts,” Kelleher told the Herald. “If they’re traveling during the day, there really shouldn’t be a big impact to the flow of the traffic.”

    Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky said there won’t be any additional state troopers in the area, and that they may be lenient for a short period of time.

    “A lot of it’ll depend upon the speed,” Wysocky said. “If somebody’s doing 23 miles over the speed limit, they’re still going to be cited.”