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Identity Thieves Rob The Cradle

An 11-year old learns he's the owner of a house, two cars and bad credit



    Identity Thieves Rob The Cradle
    You know times are tough when even an 11-year old is told he has a bad credit.

    Imagine finding out you own a house, clothes and fancy cars that you've never seen.

    Now, imagine finding out while you are drinking a juice box before your middle school math class starts.

    That's what happened to 11-year-old Jake LeGette, who discovered someone was living the good life under his social security number.

    "I'm only 11 years old, and I have bad credit," he said in an interview with WSVN 7.

    It's OK, kid. It's tough for anyone to get a bank loan these days.

    A banker broke the news to LeGette and his mom, who is ironically a Miami cop who has heard her share of identity theft stories. Now Laurie LeGette has to get to the bottom of the situation by writing credit agencies and filing police reports to clear her son's name.

    The number was apparently being used by a woman, the banker told Legette.

    Little LeGette was just trying to open up his very first bank account. Instead, he found out he was already a baller, only someone else was making it rain with his Social Security number.