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Interrogation Tapes of Accused Millionaire Killer Released

Narcy Novack, the wife of Fountainbleau heir Ben Novack, maintains her innocence



    Narcy Novack is accused of killing her husband, Ben Novack, who is the heir to the Fountainbleau fortune. (Published Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012)

    Authorities released the interrogation tapes Thursday of the woman accused of hiring hit men to kill her husband in hopes of inheriting his fortune.

    Narcy Novack, a former stripper from Fort Lauderdale, was questioned by detectives the night after her husband’s body was found in 2009.

    Today she is still maintaining her innocence in the murder of her husband Ben Novack, the heir to the Fountainbleau hotel fortune. She said she knew nothing about her husband's murder or the men who entered the New York hotel room before the attack.

    "I did not see anyone go in through that door," Narcy Novack told detectives during an interrogation the day after her husband’s body was found.

    Novak Murders Subject of Upcoming Book

    [MI] Novak Murders Subject of Upcoming Book
    Narcy Novack, 53, is accused of hiring killers to snuff out Ben Novack Jr. and his mother Bernice Novack in a bid to inherit their fortune.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011)

    "You never expected this?" a detective asked.

    "I am so confused," she answered.

    "Listen," the detective said to her. "They talked to a young boy on the floor, who sees at least two men going into the double doors about the same time that you were supposed to be coming out," the detective explains. "Then he said shortly thereafter a lady comes out. That lady has to be you."

    In the recorded video, Narcy Novack threw her arms up and replied, "Beats me," then went on to say, "You're telling me that I saw the people that went in the room?"

    "I'm saying you opened the door for them," the detective answered.

    Prosecutors said she, her brother, and two hit men committed the crime.

    It's a crime detectives say almost happened seven years earlier, but during that home invasion in Fort Lauderdale, Ben Novack wasn't killed.

    The Fountainbleu heir confronted his wife about that incident in a recorded phone call.

    "Could you tell me why you felt it was necessary to have these guys come in and almost kill me?" he asked his wife.

    "I don't know what you're talking about," she answered. "I just cannot talk. Okay?"

    The couple stayed together until Novack's death.

    Narcy Novack is also charged with orchestrating the death of Ben Novack's mother, Bernice, who is believed to have been beaten to death by a wrench. After her death, some of her millions went to her son Ben Novack, who was killed only three months later.

    Novack's trial for her husband’s murder is expected to begin in April.