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Jayden & Isabella Top Baby Names In Florida



    Jayden & Isabella Top Baby Names In Florida
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    The Social Security Administration released its annual list of most popular baby names in the U.S. last week. This week, the SSA broke the numbers down by state with Jayden and Isabella taking top honors in the state of Florida.

    According to the SSA, the top boy name in Florida in 2013 was Jayden followed by Jacob, Liam, Noah, and Michael rounding out the top five. For girls, the top girl name was Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Olivia, and Mia making up the top five.

    Nationwide, the SSA ranked the top male names as: Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, and William. The top female names across the country were: Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, and Ava.

    The top 10 boy names in Florida in 2013 were:

    1. Jayden
    2. Jacob
    3. Liam
    4. Noah
    5. Michael
    6. Mason
    7. Ethan
    8. Daniel
    9. Elijah
    10. Anthony

    The top 10 girl names in the Sunshine State in 2013 were:

    1. Isabella
    2. Sophia
    3. Emma
    4. Olivia
    5. Mia
    6. Ava
    7. Emily
    8. Abigail
    9. Sofia
    10. Madison