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Judge Recuses Himself From Sentencing in Matthew Bent Case

Circuit Judge Michael Robinson has stepped down from the case



    Brewer Family Says It's Happy With Verdict in Matthew Bent Trial

    Despite the jury’s compromise verdict in the Matthew Bent trial, burning victim Michael Brewer is satisfied that all the boys who had a part in setting him on fire will be punished, his mother, Valerie Brewer, said Wednesday. But she also told NBC 6 her son had nightmares about the incident on Tuesday night. (Published Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

    Broward Circuit Judge Michael Robinson has recused himself from the Matthew Bent case, an attorney for the convicted teen confirmed to NBC 6.

    Bent, 17, was convicted in June of aggravated battery in the 2009 burning attack on Michael Brewer at a Deerfield Beach apartment complex.

    Shortly after the verdict, juror Karen Bates McCord wrote to Robinson and told him she did not believe Bent received a fair trial. She said she did not understand the jury’s instructions and felt pressured to change her decision, particularly after she was accused of being racist by fellow jurors.

    Defense attorney Johnny McCray confirmed that Robinson recused himself from the sentencing phase of the trial. Robinson did not explain his recusal, but simply granted the defense’s motion that he step aside.

    Juror Says Bent Not Guilty in Teen Burning Trial

    [MI] Juror Says Bent Not Guilty in Teen Burning Trial
    Matthew Bent's lawyers are asking for a new trial after a juror renounced her guilty verdict. Attorney Johnny McCray and prosecutor Maria Schneider discuss the issue.
    (Published Friday, June 29, 2012)

    Bent’s attorneys already asked Robinson for a new trial earlier this month, citing the juror’s statements.

    At this point another judge will have to be appointed to hear the case, read the entire transcript of the trial, and then rule on the defense’s motions for a new trial and for a judgment of acquittal. If the judge does not rule in the defense’s favor, he or she would then preside over Bent’s sentencing.

    Bent, who prosecutors said was the ringleader of the incident in which Brewer was set on fire, faces up to 15 years in prison. He was the only defendant involved in the attack who went to trial.

    Denver Jarvis, 17, who poured rubbing alcohol on Brewer, pleaded no contest to charges related to the attack and has been sentenced to eight years in prison with a probation term of 22 years. Jesus Mendez, 18, who pulled out a lighter and set Brewer on fire, also pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 11 years in prison following by 19 years of probation.