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'Just Having Fun': Woman Explains Why She Flashed Pitcher at Marlins Game



    Woman Who Flashed Pitcher at Marlins Game Speaks

    A woman who flashed a pitcher at the Marlins vs Cardinals game Wednesday talks about why she delivered the sultry surprise to players and fans.

    (Published Thursday, May 11, 2017)

    It was the sixth inning and the Marlin's Christian Yelich was up to bat, but seconds before the St. Louis Cardinal's pitch, a shocker comes out of left field, well in this case, behind home plate.

    A woman attempting to distract the pitcher pulled over her shirt and flashed her bare chest. The big reveal unfolded at Marlins Park Wednesday night during the Marlins vs Cardinals game.

    "I was just having fun. That's just me. It’s my personality. We were drinking, watching the game, I don’t know we wanted to have a distraction we wanted to try and win!" said Korina Evaniuk.

    The 22-year-old was a guest of Marlins Man, who lately is known for taking attractive women to games. Evaniuk said she’s been to three Marlins games and she said she expected to be caught on camera.

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    “I'm bringing attention to baseball I guess! So where is my cut?" the flasher said.

    Radio talk show host Andy Slater was sitting next to Evaniuk at the game and spent much of his two-hour show talking about the extra entertainment at Wednesday’s game.

    "I’m sitting there next to her, the games going on and they are like ‘we wanna distract the pitcher.’ Never did I think she was gonna do that. All of a sudden, I look down and wow I see what everybody else saw," Slater told NBC 6.

    Despite her efforts, the sultry surprise didn't help the home team. The pitcher struck out Yelich and the Marlins lost the game.

    "I did what I could. Sorry, maybe I should’ve distracted a little bit earlier," Evaniuk said.

    The Marlins do not condone the behavior said it has addressed it with all parties involved to ensure that it does not happen again.

    Evaniuk said she plans to go to the Marlins vs. Astros game on May 15.

    Watch the video of Evaniuk flashing the pitcher here.

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