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Colbert Snubs Keys' Wind Turbine Tribute

The Colbert Wind Turbine was dedicated yesterday. Perhaps the letter said a few words.



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    Stephen Colbert graduated from Northwestern University's School of Communication in 1986. Chicago's "Second City" gave the comedy star his first start as an understudy for Steve Carell.

    Stephen Colbert, the stone-faced host of Comedy Central's politispoof "The Colbert Report," gets a lot of things named after him. So much so that one competitive celebrity climbed a wind turbine in Texas just so one would be named after her first.

    "It seems like every time I watch 'The Colbert Report,' he’s having something named after him,” race car driver Leilaini Munter told “I was like, ha! I beat him to one thing. He may have all the animals on the earth named for him, but he doesn’t have a wind turbine.”

    That's what you think, lady!

    Key West High School dedicated its Colbert Wind Turbine in a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday, a name approved by the Monroe County School Board in a unanimous vote after a suggestion from senior Heindrick Allen. And Colbert's energy mill isn't just any old random wind turbine (we're looking at you, Munter!), but the first high school-based turbine in America and the southernmost turbine in the contiguous 48 States.

    The 53-foot high pinwheel, built with a $20,000 grant from the Florida Green Alliance, is part of the school's Alternative Energy Center started by physics teacher Josh Clearman. The Center already houses a project to produce biodiesel fuel from donated grease.

    Naturally, the turbine's name was suggested in hopes that Colbert himself might attend yesterday's ribbon-cutting, providing the Center a little attention for its efforts.

    Sadly for Allen, who tried his best, the mission to get Colbert on a plane didn't quite work out (even though he does have one named for him, along with a falcon, an elephant seal, a diving beetle, and an ice cream flavor, Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone Dream).

    Colbert may not have attended to see his turbine crank up, and has yet to mention it on-air, but he did acknowledge the project in the form of a letter encouraging Allen to "stay strong."

    No doubt he's blown away by the honor.