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Kid Brings Gun, Hit List to School

14-year old faces weapons charges



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    Miami-Dade police said a teacher at the School of Applied Technology may have saved the lives of several students on Thursday.

    The teacher noticed a 14-year-old student scribbling a name on a piece of paper and when she asked what it was, the student replied that he wanted to kill the student whose name was on the paper. Police later found a handgun in the student's book bag.

    Now the boy is in jail and charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds and one lucky student may have avoided being shot.

    Police haven't released any of the names involved, but that teacher deserves a little more than an apple.

    The arrest follows a disturbing trend this school year of deadly weapons in the hands of students on campus. So far this year, more than a dozen incidents of students with weapons have been reported in Miami-Dade schools.