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Instant Replay: Leyritz Gets Bond Again

Judge decides to reinstate the bond of former Yankee Jim Leyritz



    Instant Replay: Leyritz Gets Bond Again
    Jim Leyritz is hoping to go home for the first time since he was arrested and charged with beating his ex-wife on July 2.

    Jim Leyritz may be headed for home.

    A judge decided Monday that the Ex-New York Yankee should have his bond restored despite his arrest on July 2 for allegedly beating his wife. That means no more jail house grib for the former Major League baseball player.

    Leyritz has been in a Broward County jail since his arrest on charges that he punched his ex-wife, Karrie, twice in the head after an argument over child support payments in the couple's Davie home.

    But Leyritz took the stand Monday and convinved the judge that his wife made up the story to get back at him for trying to kick her out of the Davie home the two share. The judge that originally revoked Leyritz's bond also had major questions about Karrie Leyritz's story. Police said she told three different versions of what happened.

    Karrie Leyritz appeared in court Thursday to provide a brief account of what happened during the alleged attack.

    "I got knocked in the face twice that I remember," she testified. "I remember getting knocked into the wall."

    Last week, Leyritz broke down and began weeping in court after Judge Marc Gold suspended the hearing until today, meaning Leyritz would spend another weekend in jail.

    "I'm never going to get out," Leyritz reportedly said during Thursday's hearing. "This is not fair. This is not justice."

    Leyritz, 45, is already in hot water in South Florida after he was hit with DUI manslaughter charges for a fatal December 2007 crash in downtown Fort Lauderdale. He is accused of being legally drunk when he blew through a red light and plowed into a car driven by Freida Veitch, who later died from her injuries.

    Leyritz had been out on bond on the DUI manslaughter charges. The domestic abuse charge was considered a violation of his bond conditions and unless Gold allows Leyritz to leave today, he'll stay in jail until the manslaughter trial begins on Sept. 14.