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Local Advocate Named MLB All Star

Children's sexual abuse advocate will share the field with MLB All-Stars on July 13



    Local Advocate Named MLB All Star

    Lauren Book-Lim has never recorded a Major League hit or struck out a batter, but the local advocate has hit more than her share of home runs for sexually abused children.

    Book-Lim, daughter of Florida super lobbyist Ron Book, will be on the field at the MLB All-Star Game on July 13, after winning baseball's "All Stars Among Us" contest. Book-Lim will represent the Florida Marlins, who might only have one player on the field that night.

    The contest recognizes ordinary people who do extraordinary things daily in the community. Each team will have a community "All Star," who will then be recognized in a pre-game ceremony.

    Calling Book-Lim ordinary, however, is like saying Nolan Ryan was an OK pitcher.

    As a young child, she was sexually abused by the family's nanny. but instead of balling up in a shell, Book-Lim blossomed and used the experience to teach others how to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and how to cope after the experience.

    She runs Lauren's Kids Foundation and recently held a state-wide march that took participants from South Florida to the steps of the State Legislature to get a child protection bill passed.