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Local Cantors Write Song About Israel/Hamas Conflict



    NBC 6's Ari Odzer has the details on a new song released by two local Jewish clergymen about the Israel/Gaza conflict. (Published Monday, July 21, 2014)

    Israel's invasion of Gaza continues to claim civilian casualties. The latest totals are at least 572 Palestinians dead, most of them considered non-combatants; killed as Israel's military tries to stop Hamas from firing rockets at Israeli cities.

    The Israel defense forces have also lost 25 soldiers in Operation Protective Edge. The incursion's primary objective is to destroy the tunnels Hamas uses to smuggle weapons into Gaza, store missiles and ammunition, and to launch surprise attacks into Israel. So far, the IDF says it has demolished more than 20 tunnels.

    With this backdrop of war and conflict, with Hamas rockets terrorizing Israeli civilians, two local clergymen wrote a song and fired it straight into the ongoing social media battle.

    "Little children run in fear...", the lyrics to the song begin, describing life in the rocket zone of Israel.

    Uploaded to YouTube, the song and video by Cantors Marcos Askenazi and David Muchnick, of Aventura-Turnberry Jewish Center, is intended as a message of solidarity with Israel and a cry for peace.

    "This isn't an Aventura issue. This isn't a Jewish community of the United States issue. This is a global issue, and when you look at this video and others and you see the tens of thousands of hits these videos get, you know that we are reaching and touching the lives of people globally," Muchnick said.

    The cantors are putting their video up against the many tweets harshly critical of Israel like this one:
    "It's not about stopping rockets from Gaza. It's about Israel's systematic violations of international law and Palestinian human rights."

    Cantor Muchnick says Israel is in a no-win position: it has to fight back against the incessant Hamas rockets, but when it does, because Hamas fires from civilian areas, innocent people die.

    "It's heartbreaking, and the truth is I see things like that and it makes me think of what more can I do and the first thing that comes to my mind is music," Muchnick said. "If I can write another song to inspire people, to help people realize that really what we need here is peace, a cease fire would be wonderful, of course everyone's praying for a cease fire, but at the end of the day, Israel has to do what Israel has to do."

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