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Local Pols Sound Off on Boehner Bill Vote

Republicans and Democrats sound off on approved bill



    Local Pols Sound Off on Boehner Bill Vote
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    "I refuse to take part in this dangerous game," says Rep. Frederica Wilson.

    Congressman Allen West:

    The Budget Control Act is far from perfect but the hard reality is that fiscal conservatives control only one-half of one-third of our government. This bill will make sure the President does not receive a blank check to continue his spending binge and the old ways of Washington, DC - blindly increasing the debt limit without spending cuts- are over. This vote is historic- it’s the first time we are raising the debt ceiling with cuts greater than the increase.

    I learned when I was a solider at Fort Irwin National Training Center that when Officers waste too much time trying to come up with the perfect plan, they fall short because they are too inflexible or divided to see the path to victory. However, if you can come up with a 70-75 percent plan and execute it well, then you can win- and that’s what we have in the Budget Control Act.

    The Budget Control Act is not perfect, but it is the 70 percent plan that my colleagues and I can execute to 100 percent.

    It is now time for the focus to be on the United States Senate to produce a plan to take this country forward.

    My fellow Americans, I ask you: If I had voted “No” on the Budget Control Act, who would I have been voting for?"

    Congresswoman Frederica Wilson:

    “The Republicans will stop at nothing to end Medicare as we know it and balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens, all while protecting special tax breaks for the wealthy,” said Congresswoman Wilson. “I believe we need a clean debt ceiling increase to pay our bills and honor our obligations, but the Tea Party insists on holding our economy hostage to their extreme ideological agenda. I refuse to take part in this dangerous game.”

    Gov. Rick Scott:

    “I applaud the proposal released today to require a federal Balanced Budget Amendment as a part of the debt reduction package in the House of Representatives. It is time for the federal government to begin making the tough choices Americans expect to end irresponsible spending and the crushing national debt.

    I am committed to working with our legislative leaders to ensure that if Congress passes a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution, Florida will be the first state to set a Special Session to ratify it. This is exactly the type of reform that Floridians have been asking for from Washington, D.C., and the type of leadership our state and nation need to continue growing jobs and the economy.”

    Congressman Mario Diaz Balart:

    Today, House Republicans stood together and passed a second bill that not only grants the President’s request to raise the debt ceiling limit but also cuts spending, caps future spending and lays the groundwork for a Balanced Budget Amendment – without raising taxes. This bill is not a short-term Band-Aid. This bill begins to tackle the disease that has been taking over Washington for a very long time: out-of-control spending. I urge Senate Democrats to pass at least one of the two alternative House plans in their possession that increases the debt ceiling limit; if they fail to do so, the consequences rest solely on them and President Obama.”