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Lotto Winner Sued for Spreading Herpes

Lottery winner claims he did disclose his sexually transmitted disease



    Lotto Winner Sued for Spreading Herpes
    Associated Press
    The winning lottery numbers may have cost four gas station employees their jobs.

    Kathy Croman probably thought she hit the jackpot when she hooked up with a Florida Lottery winner.

    Now, she doesn't feel so lucky.

    Croman, 57, filed the civil lawsuit on Nov. 2 in Tampa against her ex-boyfriend Richard Tinker, who won $5 million in the Florida Lottery in 1994 because she claims he never told her he had genital herpes until after she contracted the disease.

    Telling someone you have a sexually transmitted disease can be an uncomfortable discussion to have, but Tinker probably didn't have any trouble fully disclosing he had millions in his bank account.

    Croman claims Tinker didn't tell her about his disease until they had been intimate for several months, and that she was diagnosed with it in August 2007.

    Tinker told Health News Florida that he was honest with Croman about his herpes before their relationship began.

    Failing to disclose herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison.

    The lawsuit doesn't disclose the amount of damages Croman is seeking.