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Man Accused Of Having Sex With Dog Named Christie Brinkley

Armand Pacher aroused suspicion at the vet's when he allegedly joked about Clark Griswold's greatest fantasy



    Man Accused Of Having Sex With Dog Named Christie Brinkley
    Police in New Haven had the area of Dixwell Avenue and Division Street taped off while they investigated a shooting that involved an 11-year-old boy.

    Looks like the '80s really are back, and (allegedly) in the most disgusting way possible.

    No, not jelly shoes. Worse: an Aventura man has been accused of having sex with Christie Brinkley, his Great Dane dog who shares a name with the iconic blond swimsuit supermodel.

    An employee at Armand Pacher's veterinarian's office turned him in to police after the 64-year-old former insurance executive aroused suspicion with comments on the phone about having sex with his dog, reports the Miami Herald.

    Then a veterinarian examined Christie Brinkley some time later at the clinic and reported her body showed evidence of forced sexual activity that could not have come from another dog.

    "She doesn't seem to enjoy it as much when we have sex," Pacher allegedly replied when the staffer asked about Christie Brinkley's overall health while rescheduling eye surgery, according to the arrest report. "Maybe it's because I haven't been as energetic lately and that's why she's not enjoying it."

    Or maybe it's because she's a dog. But Pacher's lawyer Jeffrey Weiner says the vet employee misunderstood a joke, and that his client has been up to no such thing.

    "I'm quite familiar with the evidence that exists," Weiner said, "and I'm really disappointed that Aventura police would make an arrest based on unsupported evidence and conclusions. I expect my client will be full vindicated.''

    Here's hoping, because conviction would suggest this actually happened. Pacher was booked at Miami-Dade jail on Friday, charged with third-degree felony animal cruelty and facing up to five years in prison.