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Miramar Man Accused of Decapitating Girlfriend

Paul Edwards is charged with first-degree murder



    Miramar Man Accused of Decapitating Girlfriend

    A Miramar man was denied bond Thursday after being charged with first-degree murder for chopping off his missing girlfriend's head and putting it in a barrel, police said.

    Paul Edwards, 44, allegedly stabbed Lisa Spence at least 33 times before decapitating the 35-year-old woman and ditching her body in a field.

    Police claim Edwards tried to throw Spence's relatives and friends off his trail buy sending text messages from the dead woman's phone claiming she had left the area. The scheme didn't work because phone records showed the cell phone never left South Florida despite claiming the woman was in Jacksonville.

    Police began following Edwards around hoping he would lead them to the body and sure enough he visited the area where he dumped a 55-gallon drum that contained Spence's remains late last year.

    Police still don't know what happened to the woman's head, which was not in the barrel.