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Man Brawls With Cops After Losing Bar Stool

Man loses seat after smoke break, loses his cool at Marco Island bar



    Man Brawls With Cops After Losing Bar Stool
    Stephen M. Deasey

    A tourist who lost his cool after he lost his bar stool when he took a smoke break at a southwest Florida saloon got more than he bargained for when the cops showed up.

    Stephen M. Deasey of Dublin, Ohio, was charged with trespass and resisting an officer Saturday after he had a fit over losing his seat at a Marco Island pub, according to

    The 56-year-old left his stool inside the Rookies Bar and Grill to have a cigarette, only to find a woman on his stool who told him she wouldn't leave.

    askedy got angry and belligerent and started yelling at other bar patrons, and was asked to leave by the bartender.

    When he refused, the cops were called. And when Deasey refused the officers' requests to leave, they tried to arrest him, but Deasey didn't go easy.

    According to police Deasey started to struggle and was violently thrashing while the officers tried to take him into custody. Deasey wound up with a gash on his forehead and one of the officers hurt his ankle. Both were taken to a nearby hospital, then Deasey was taken to jail.