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No Bond For Suspect in Disappearance of Miramar Woman Vilet Torrez

Prosecutors said the suspect is accused of premeditated murder



    Lawyer Richard Della Fera spoke with NBC 6 South Florida Thursday morning about his client's case. (Published Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012)

    The husband of missing Miramar mother Vilet Torrez was held in jail without bond Thursday morning following his arrest for first-degree murder, according to officials.

    Cid Torrez, 39, was arrested Wednesday at his parents' Miami Lakes home, Miramar Police told NBC 6 South Florida. In a warrant for his arrest, prosecutors said he committed the premeditated murder March 31.

    Police said the arrest was the result of a "meticulous" investigation that lasted over seven months.

    "I don't think that there was one piece of evidence that really put him behind bars, it was a variety of things," officer Tania Rues said at a press conference Wednesday.

    Still, authorities said, no body has been found.

    "I just want him to talk. I just want my mother to know where she is," Vilet Torrez's sister Nayiva Blanco said Wednesday night.

    Richard Della Fera, attorney for Cid Torrez, spoke with NBC 6 South Florida in court Thursday morning and said he believes the timing of the arrest was for publicity purposes.

    "What evidence did the police have yesterday that they didn't have the day before yesterday or a week ago or a month ago?" he asked. "I find the timing of this to be very suspect to be on the eve of Thanksgiving, an arrest is made at Mr. Torrez's home with his children present. I find that very suspect."

    Della Fera said that in addition to there being no body, he was also surprised to see there was no affidavit, which is a written statement by a police officer with facts to support an arrest.

    "What that indicates to me is that they're proceeding with a circumstantial evidence case. In my opinion, a circumstantial evidence case is very difficulty to prove to a jury," he said.

    Della Fera has not spoken to Cid Torrez since his arrest but continues to maintain his client's innocence.

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