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Man Dies After Sucker Punch Over Cigarette

Clubgoer punched in the head over a cigarette dead



    Man Dies After Sucker Punch Over Cigarette
    Miami Police
    Police are looking for this man.

    What started as an innocent request for a cigarette has turned into a homicide investigation.

    Miami Police say Lisney Oliveira was the unlucky recipient of a sucker punch after a stranger asked for a loosie near a club in downtown Miami early Monday morning. The blind side punch knocked 26-year-old Oliveira to the ground, where his head bounced off the concrete sidewalk.

    The man walked away. Oliveira was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he died Tuesday from his head injuries.

    According to a friend who was walking alongside Oliveira when the unprovoked attack happened, the two were on the corner of Northeast 2nd Avenue and Northeast 9th Street near Club Mekka.

    That's when the stranger approached for the smoke. Oliveira told the man they didn't have any and the two kept walking. Then the man hit Oliveira from behind.

    The suspect is described only as a black male but surveillance video captured an image of the man as he walked away just after the deadly punch.

    Anyone with information please call the City of Miami Homicide Section at 305-603-6350 or Miami Dade Crime Stoppers, Inc. at 305-471-TIPS (8477 ).