Man Arrested Over Cop Act for Sex

Man Arrested Over Cop Act for Sex Getty Images

A Miami-Dade man impersonating a cop met the real deal Thursday after he was accused of pulling over a woman and forcing her to have sex with him to avoid an arrest he couldn't make, police said.

Luis Fumero, 21, was arrested and charged with falsely impersonating an officer and grand theft for his acting job to get sex.

He was booked in Miami-Dade jail Thursday afternoon and it wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

On June 6, Fumero allegedly pulled over an unidentified woman by flashing a fake police badge, an arrest report stated.

The woman, who was driving on a suspended license, began crying after Fumero threatened to take her to jail for the violation. He was also wearing a holster and a gun, the report stated.

Fumero then kept up the charade by asking the woman to have a seat in his squad car, a Mercedes he had stolen, police said. He told the woman that he would not book her if she agreed to have sex with him, the report said.

The woman agreed and the two went to a hotel, the report stated.

Cops eventually found the stolen Mercedes with the phony police badge inside.