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Drunk Man Sexually Assaults Chihuahua

Man tried to get freaky with the family pet



    Drunk Man Sexually Assaults Chihuahua

    A Broward man is behind bars after getting a little too frisky with his friend's Chihuahua.

    Tomas Bautista, 40, is charged with animal cruelty for allegedly penetrating Mimi the Chihuahua mix with his finger during a drunken sexual assault on the dog.

    Bautista came home Thursday liquored up, but instead of sleeping it off, he went outside with his roommates dog.

    Clemente Velasquez said he heard his tiny dog yelp and ran outside to see what was going on.

    When he flashed a flashlight in the backyard, he saw Mimi tucking tail and running back inside. He also saw Bautista passed out with his pants down.

    Mimi was bleeding from her private area and a quick exam revealed she had been assaulted.

    Bautista admitted to investigators that he penetrated the dog with his finger.

    Velasquez told theSun-Sentinel Mimi is back home, but not acting the same.

    "She's not happy like she normally is," he said.