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Miami-Dade Police Promoting ATV Safety During Holiday Weekend



    Miami-Dade Police Promoting ATV Safety During Holiday Weekend
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    For many, it’s all about life in the fast lane. Bikers and ATV riders gather every year during Martin Luther King Day riding on the interstate, doing dangerous tricks and maneuvers illegally. Miami-Dade Police say it needs to stop.

    “What we wanted to do was take an opportunity to inform our community, and kind of remind not only our residents, but our visitors of the laws as it pertains to ATV's and dirt bikes,” said Miami-Dade Police Maj. Hector Llevat.

    Police are also informing and pleading for riders to stay off highways and interstates, saying riders could face up to a $100 fine and possible criminal charges. In fact, they say there are other properties across the county for motor enthusiasts to ride freely.

    “The Miami Motorcross Park is one private place they can ride, there's also Big Cypress National Reserve has some areas you can ride,” Llevat said. “I ask those that want to ride to do their research. Go online, the Department of Agriculture has a map to show you where you can ride on public land.”

    Miami-Dade Police are also looking at this announcement as a way to save a life. The MDPD traffic homicide unit says since 2013, they've investigated 108 motorcycle, dirtbikes or ATV crashes. 77 of them were fatal.

    “The bottom line is it's not worth it,” said Llevat. “We've been asking our community and our social media sites is, is it worth it?”

    Miami-Dade Police also says they will have a heavy police presence during the holiday to make sure ATV riders and motorists stay safe.

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