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WATCH: Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Bag

A series of suspicious items were reported in South Florida on Thursday



    RAW VIDEO: Bomb Squad Destroys Suspicious Package

    The Miami Police Bomb Squad destroyed a suspicious package found on West Flagler Street and 10th Avenue Thursday morning. This was the second package investigators looked at Thursday - the other was a pressure cooker found on SW 29th Avenue and 25th Terrace. Both sites have been given the all clear. Watch the explosion on Flagler Street here. (Published Thursday, April 18, 2013)

    Authorities _, who were on high alert from the Boston Marathon bombing _ were called to examine two suspicous items in the streets of Miami on Thursday: a bag and a pressure cooker.

    In the case of the pressure cooker, a man came forward shortly after authorities responded and claimed it. It had been found on the street in Miami at SW 29th Avenue and 25th Terrace.

    Officials said the call came in as a possible prank, but they treated it as a serious case. Authorities did not release any information about the man who claimed the pressure cooker.

    Authorities also detonated a black bag found next to a bus stop at  West Flagler Street and 10th Avenue. Below is a picture of the package found on West Flagler.

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    New video shows a Universal Sports broadcast crew's reaction to the first blast at Monday's Boston Marathon. Also released on Wednesday: a photo of Boston University graduate student Lu Lingzi, the third person killed in the marathon bombings. Trauma surgeon Dave King, who ran in the marathon and then performed amputations after the blasts, said he is astonished by his patients' resilience. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about how the people of Boston have responded.
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    Earlier in the day, a suspicious item, which turned out to a grenade-shaped lighter, forced the evacuation of people at Miami International Airport. Click here for the full story.

    There was also a suspicious package investigated at the Port of Tampa.

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    Arson Investigators Probe Suspicious Duplex Fire in Fort Lauderdale

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