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Miami Rapper Bizzle Killed in Shooting: Witnesses

Police confirmed that the victim was Robert Labranche



    Miami Rapper Bizzle's Brother Comes to Grips With His Death

    A makeshift memorial sat at the spot where 37-year-old Robert Labranche, or Bizzle, was shot and killed Monday night. Moses Labranche, who was restrained by police because he was so emotional as he tried to hug his brother for the last time Monday, spoke with NBC 6 South Florida Tuesday, as he came to grips with what happened. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012)

    Miami rapper Bizzle was killed in a shooting outside a carwashing business on NW 7th Avenue and NW 54th Street Monday night, witnesses on the scene said.

    The homicide occurred at 770 NW 54th St. at about 7:30 p.m., police said.

    Miami Police confirmed Monday night that the victim was Robert Labranche. He is also known as Bizzle.

    “He would not let you starve. He would not leave you in the street,” area resident Rod Parker said of Bizzle. “If you asked him for something, he would try his best to do whatever he can for you – I mean for everybody.”

    Miami Rapper Bizzle Killed in Shooting: Witnesses

    [MI] Miami Rapper Bizzle Killed in Shooting: Witnesses
    Miami rapper Bizzle was killed in a shooting in Liberty City Monday night, witnesses said. Area resident Rod Parker spoke about the rapper.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012)

    Police said in a statement that they are searching for a suspect, and Labranche's family said they believe they know who shot him, but as of Tuesday, no arrests were made.

    "He shot my brother down. He just shot him down, just shot him down," said Moses Labranche, the rapper's brother.

    The scene in LIberty City became chaotic when the victims’ relatives crossed the crime scene tape, and police had to use force to restrain a man and woman. They were later released and no charges were filed, police said.

    Emotions were very high, Miami Police spokesman Det. Willie Moreno said.

    He said of the victim, "This is someone that was definitely loved, not just by his family but by his community."

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    “You could see the large crowd behind me. You could see as soon as a family member run under the police line, and he obviously wanted to grab that family member, he wanted to grab him for one last time, possibly," Moreno said. "You saw the emotions of the community, just going in with him."

    But Moreno also asked the community to bear in mind that police needed to gather evidence from the crime scene.

    Moreno said the victim became involved in an argument with someone at the business before he was shot and killed.

    His son and daughter, both under age 10, were in his car, Moreno said.

    "Fortunately they did not see the actual incident, and they are currently right now unharmed with family members," Moreno said.

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    Labranche's last Instagram post was a photo with a caption "I know if anything was to happen to me, my kids straight."

    "I felt like with him I had a shield around me because everybody knew him. Bad and good," his brother said.