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Miami Video Gamer Goes Pro With "Call of Duty"



    Miami Video Gamer Goes Pro

    Bryan Zhelyazkov is making a living playing "Call of Duty" at his Miami home. (Published Monday, Dec. 1, 2014)

    It can be hard to make a living in Miami but one 20-year-old man is doing it with nothing more than his video game skills.

    Bryan Zhelyazkov is one of the world's masters of "Call of Duty" and has turned his gamer prowess into a yearly income of $50,000.

    Zhelyazkov says he started playing semi-competitive with X-Box's "Halo" before he saw he could make thousands by turning pro. It was a decision his parents weren't all that happy about.

    "They weren't happy at all, they wanted me to study, make sure I did my homework," Zhelyazkov said.

    Zhelyazkov now spends 6-8 hours a day perfecting his "Call of Duty" skills. He plays on a team called Faze Clan and goes by the name Apathy. The team plays all over the U.S. and even other countries occasionally.

    "It's like the top competitors in the NFL, you know, you're playing against the best and only the best," he said.

    In addition to tournaments, Zhelyazkov makes money though sponsorship deals with game controller companies. Money also comes in from his team's YouTube page, which has three million subscribers.

    Zhelyazkov said he hopes to double his salary next year and he has even bigger plans down the road.

    "I'm gonna be a millionaire in five years, that's my goal," he said. "From playing video games."

    Check out our interview with Zhelyazkov Monday at 6 p.m. on NBC 6.

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