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Miamians Prepare to Get Belted By New Law

Stiff fines for not wearing belt in Miami-Dade



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    As if safety weren't reason enough to buckle up, a $114.00 fine is providing ample reason to wear your seat belt in Miami.

    Miami-Dade drivers better be ready to pay up if they don't buckle up.

    Beginning at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, Florida's new seat belt law goes into effect, and Miamians who don't click it will be getting a hefty ticket.

    All drivers and passengers will be required to use their seat belt at all times or face a $114.00 fine in Miami-dade County.

    Any police officer will be able to stop a car if they see anyone not wearing the belt under the new law. Under the old law, drivers could only get a ticket if they were pulled over for another offense, like speeding or a moving violation.

    The fine in Broward County for no seat belt is $115.00 per offense.