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Mikey Visits Beaten Teen in Coma

Michael Brewer called Josie Ratley a friend



    Mikey Visits Beaten Teen in Coma
    Brewer Family Photo
    Michael Brewer enjoys himself during a family park outing in March, 2010.

    They were classmates in science and friends around school.

    But Michael Brewer and Josie Ratley now share a bond that neither would want to wish on anyone else. They are both victims of heinous acts of violence at the hands of classmates.

    Brewer, who was nearly burned alive by some classmates at Deerfield Beach High School last year, visited Ratley at Broward General Hospital on Tuesday to pay his respects to a fallen friend.

    Ratley, 15, is still in a coma after being kicked and stomped in the head repeatedly by a high school teenager who came to Deerfield Beach Middle School looking for retribution over text messages.

    The private meeting between Ratley's family and the Brewers wasn't captured by media cameras, but a family spokesperson said the Brewers wanted to show their support and advice on handling the situation.

    Brewer is in the middle of intensive physical and emotional therapy is still coping with the aftershocks of his own attack, but for the 15-year old to be able to stomach the site of a friend in a similar position he just left shows his miraculous progress.

    He spent several days in a medically induced coma while doctors tried to pull his body through the initial shock of being set on fire over nearly 75 percent of his body.

    Doctors said youth was on Brewer's side. Both families are hoping the same is true for Ratley