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Ex-Miss Florida Winner Fighting Back After Stripped of Crown



    Former Miss Florida Files Lawsuit to Get Title Back

    The former pagent winner is asking for $15 million and wants her crown back after being stripped of the her title by officials. NBC 6's Marissa Bagg has the story. (Published Monday, Aug. 1, 2016)

    After her crown was taken away from her at the Miss Florida competition, Miss Miami Beach is fighting back with a $15 million lawsuit.

    Genesis Davila was stripped of her crown in the recent 2017 Miss Florida Pageant. Davila's attorney says shes seeking damages for defamation after she was accused of violating the pageant rules.

    "All these false allegations have taken me by surprise," Davila said Monday. "I have faced many challenges in my life but nothing like this."

    The pageant says Davila used professional stylists to assist her with hair and makeup in a private room.

    "The Miss Florida pageant is beholden to a company that provides support and counseling to a group of girls who are insiders," said her lawyer, Richard Wolfe. "My client is not an insider. This was done to get rid of my client so an insider could be propped up as Miss Florida."

    Davila is also seeking an emergency motion to restore her into the position of Miss Florida.