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Married Ohio Mom Found in Miami Beach With Boyfriend

Two vanished from small town to start a new life: police



    Married Ohio Mom Found in Miami Beach With Boyfriend
    Tiffany Tehan went missing in her small town in Ohio and was found nearly a week later in Miami Beach.

    A married Ohio mother who went missing last weekend and turned up safe in Miami Beach Thursday told police she came here to start a new life.

    Tiffany Tehan, 31, went missing without a trace in the small Southwest Ohio town of Xenia on Saturday, April 17, during a supposed garage sale shopping trip.

    Her disappearance touched off a massive search complete with family TV pleas and an Internet site dedicated to her safe return.

    Suspicions were raised when Tehan, married with a 1-year-old daughter, was spotted on surveillance photos with a man who isn't her husband days before she went missing.

    Shortly after 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, Miami Beach Police pulled over a car on the 1800 block 71th Street.

    In the car was Tehan, safe and sound, and with her new man, Tre Hutcherson.

    Police said the two had been staying at the International Inn on Miami Beach, and that they had left small town Ohio to start a new life in Miami Beach.

    Neither Tehan or Hutcherson will be charged with any crimes here, Miami Beach police said.

    After they spent days searching for her, Tehan finally called her family back in Ohio to tell them she was safe.

    “It was very good conversation. It was good to hear that she was safe and that she was alive," father Chuck Tabor told the Dayton Daily News. "How it goes from here will be a difficult run, but we’re going to walk that road with her."

    While not as bad as stealing several hundred dollars then fleeing to Disney World and claiming you were kidnapped by two black men, Tehan's disappearance nevertheless had her entire town concerned.

    “We were just overjoyed about hearing her voice," Tabor said. "She said she wants to come home.”