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Missing Woman Found in Hospital After Beating



    Missing Woman Found in Hospital After Suffering a Beating

    NBC 6's Gilma Avalos had the latest details on a woman who was reported missing but was actually in the hospital after being brutally beaten. (Published Thursday, July 24, 2014)

    The family of Maggy Alvarez, 34, has been looking for her for nearly a week. But after fearing the worst, Alvarez was found where she had been all week, in the hospital after being brutally beaten.

    "It's a nightmare for any mother to go through,” Alina Alvarez said. “You don't know where your daughter is. You don't know if she's alive. If she's dead. And I was beginning to think she was dead."

    Wednesday, a police officer came to the Alvarez’s door and they were shocked when the officer said Maggy had been at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center since last Friday after being severely beaten.

    "A lot of back injuries, scrapes, burns,” Alina said of the injuries. “I'm not sure what they are because I'm not sure what they did."

    Maggy, the family was told, nearly went into kidney failure as a result of her injuries. She was last seen in her Little Havana home before turning up in the hospital.

    "I think some nice lady passing by, and she got to call 911,” Alina said. “I don't think if she called 911, who knows what would happen."

    Maggy did not want to speak on camera. Her mother said it’s because she’s terrified after being the victim of the beating.

    "She's not doing good,” Alina said. “She doesn't remember anything. She's bruised up and she's scared.”

    The missing persons case filed by the family is now solved. But what neither police nor Maggy’s family has been able to figure out is how she ended up on the receiving end of such a beating and how she got to the hospital.

    "Yeah, I think something suspicious happened,” Alina said. “I don't know who did it or why they did it but it would be great if whoever saw anything, knows anything would come forward and say something."

    If you know anything about the case, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

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