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Mohawked Man Goes on Miami Airport Assault

Cops taser out of control bad boy at MIA



    Mohawked Man Goes on Miami Airport Assault
    A man, identified by police as Michael John Jones, went berserk at Miami International Airport this morning.

    An out-of-control mohawked man went on an airport assault in Miami early Monday morning, tussling with workers and police before he was finally tasered and arrested.

    Michael John Jones, 43, was arrested shortly after 2 a.m. after police said he went berserk inside one of the concourses at MIA.

    According to a police report, Jones attacked two men without warning inside Concourse H, approaching them with fists clenched and then throwing a metal luggage cart at them.

    The cart missed, but Jones wasn't finished. He got a hold of one of the victims and started punching him in the face, the report said.

    When officers arrived and confronted Jones, he wasn't going quietly. He refused to get on the ground until he was threatened with getting Tasered. He finally did lay on the ground, but then got up and advanced on the officer.

    The Taser didn't work at first, but when it finally did, it didn't stop Jones initially, and he reached the officer and began pummeling him.

    Backup arrived, and the officers were able to wallop Jones into submission, but not before he was Tasered twice more.

    Jones, also known as "Mad Mike," is a renowned freestyle motocross champ who won a gold medal at the 2001 Winter X Games.

    An airport source said Jones had been outside the area earlier, punching taxi cab hoods. The source said he'd heard he came in on a plane from Costa Rica, but police haven't verified that, only saying he was here on a layover.

    Jones was arrested and charged with assault, battery and resisting arrest with violence. His arrest photo showed his scruffy face bruised and a cut below his right eye.

    During his bond court appearance, Jones' wife said he has a bi-polar disorder. Jones is being held on $12,500 bail and was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.