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Mourning Family Slaps Away Police Chief's Olive Branch

Families not willing to talk with Exposito



    It was supposed to be a chance to clear the air.

    But the first meeting scheduled between Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito and the relatives of a victim of a police shooting turned out to be a rain out.

    The family of DeCarlos Moore, who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop in July, said no thanks to Exposito's olive branch offer, officials said Tuesday.

    The meeting was supposed to happen at 11 a.m., but Moore's mom called it off because she was still grieving at the loss of her son, Commander Delrish Moss said.

    She may be open to meeting at a later date, he said.

    Exposito's gesture is part job-saver and partly designed to cool tensions in the community after a rash of police shootings that have claimed the lives of seven suspects.

    Critics, including county commissioners, have argued that Expositio has fostered a shoot first mentality among his cops.

    Adding to the public's frustration is the lack of information being given by the Police Department. Some of the victims are believed to have been unarmed when they were gunned down, including the most recent shooting of Travis McNeil.

    McNeil's family is supposed to meet with Exposito on Wednesday.

    But the Moore family's reception to Exposito could be similar to the six other families dealing with the loss of relatives at the hands of officers.

    Aaron Foster, whose son was the target of a cop's bullet earlier this year, said he has nothing to say to Exposito.

    An activist confronted Moss on Tuesday and called the chief's actions grand standing and not healing.