NHC Keeps Eye on Area of Disturbance Near Bahamas - NBC 6 South Florida
Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

NHC Keeps Eye on Area of Disturbance Near Bahamas



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    As of Thursday morning, we're still watching the broad area of low pressure that's holding east of the Bahamas. The National Hurricane Center is spotting it a 70% chance to develop into a tropical or a sub-tropical system in the next 5 days as it drifts northwest.

    A reconnaissance aircraft could fly out to investigate the system as early as Friday.

    If we play this out, models point to this entity having impacts in the Carolinas. This isn't a concern for South Florida this weekend.

    In fact, this system (should it develop) could send drier, more stable air towards South Florida for the weekend. That would lower our daily shower and thunderstorm chances and yield more sunshine.

    Another update will come from the National Hurricane Center this afternoon. Check in with John Morales tonight at 5, 6 and 11pm.

    Of course, always keep the NBC 6 Hurricane Section handy to keep up to the minute on developing storms and for tips on staying safe this hurricane season.

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