Nearly 6 Years After Bob Levinson Disappeared, FBI Says It Remains Committed To Bringing Him Home Safely - NBC 6 South Florida

Nearly 6 Years After Bob Levinson Disappeared, FBI Says It Remains Committed To Bringing Him Home Safely

A moment of silence will be held Friday at 3 p.m. to mark the sixth anniversary of Levinson's disappearance



    Christine Levinson spoke with NBC 6 on Thursday, as the sixth anniversary of the disappearance of her husband Bob Levinson drew near. She said her family keeps taking things "one day at a time and hoping today will be the day that he is home." (Published Thursday, March 7, 2013)

    With the sixth anniversary of Bob Levinson’s disappearance just days away, the FBI said Thursday that it remains committed to bringing its former agent “home safely to his family.”

    “One year ago, we offered a $1 million reward for information leading to his safe return,” Deputy Director Sean Joyce said in a statement about Levinson, of Coral Springs. “That reward still remains unclaimed, and I again encourage anyone with information about Bob's disappearance to contact us."

    $1 Million Reward Offered For Bob Levinson

    Levinson, a retired FBI agent, traveled to the Iranian island of Kish as a private investigator on March 8, 2007. He hasn’t been seen publicly since he went missing the following day.

    Saturday marks the sixth anniversary of Levinson’s disappearance, and he turns 65 on Sunday.

    “We still are hoping that we can get him home any day now,” his wife, Christine Levinson, told NBC 6 on Thursday. “We have no information about him, but we keep taking it one day at a time and hoping today will be the day that he is home.”

    Levinson said she met on Thursday with the FBI, which she said is investigating because her husband is an American being held against his will overseas.

    Missing Ex-FBI Agent's Children Given Grants

    [MI] Missing Ex-FBI Agent's Children Given Grants
    Two of the children of a former FBI agent from Coral Springs who disappeared in Iran five years ago were presented with college grants at a ceremony in Tamarac Thursday. The Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI presented $10,000 to the children of Robert Levinson at the luncheon ceremony at Colony Coast Country Club. David Levinson said Bob Levinson was his mother Christine's "love of her life, and for her to be without him every day, I know that is crushing for her."
    (Published Sunday, Jan. 1, 2015)

    The Levinson family released five photographs of the missing man in January. The photos showed him with a chain apparently wrapped around his hands, wearing an orange jumpsuit and holding up signs, including one that read, “Help Me.”

    Son Dan Levinson said then that the photos were emailed to them in April 2011, and that they released them to keep a spotlight on the case.

    A moment of silence is planned for Friday to mark the anniversary. The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the FBI Agents Association are asking the 20,000 members of both groups to observe the moment of silence at 3 p.m.

    “Bob’s former colleagues have not forgotten him and we call on the international community to redouble its efforts to gain his release,” FBIAA President Konrad Motyka said in a statement. “Let’s make this the last solemn anniversary that needs to be marked by focusing world attention on Levinson’s continued unjustified imprisonment and gaining his release.”

    Christine Levinson said they hope it’s the last anniversary they have to mark.

    Anyone who has information about her husband should get in touch with the family at, she said.

    The FBI asks anyone with information on Bob Levinson or his captors to contact it at Information will be kept confidential and can be shared anonymously, the agency says.