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Horses Found Slaughtered Near Northwest Miami-Dade Farm



    Horses Found Slaughtered

    Several horses were found slaughtered in South Florida. NBC 6 Reporter Laura Rodriguez has the story.

    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018)

    Officials from one animal rights group released details about a disturbing discovery of horses found slaughtered at one Northwest Miami-Dade farm Wednesday.

    Animal Recovery Mission said they found numerous animals dead at the farm located at 17900 NW 129th Avenue. One ARM member, investigator Rachel Taylor, said the animals were found in several stages of decomposition - with Miami-Dade Police saying they found remains dating back as far as two months.

    Taylor said the group was notified about a horse dead in the area early Wednesday morning and found several different locations where bodies were found.

    “They weren’t slaughtered here because we didn’t see any blood and they’re all in bags, so they’re probably being slaughtered somewhere in this area and then dumped here,” Taylor said.

    Horses Found Slaughtered in NW Miami Dade

    [MI] Horses Found Slaughtered in NW Miami Dade

    A wooded area was found to have been filled with dozens of dead horse remains. NBC 6's Amanda Plasencia reports.

    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018)

    Miami-Dade Police said the remains of possibly two horses date back about one or two months. Bones and other remains including at least 10 other horse skulls were also found in the area but were not recent, police said.

    The animals were found stripped of their meat for likely human consumption, according to Taylor, as well as for religious rituals associated with Santeria.

    “We’ve done 20 investigations of horse slaughter (at this site) before today,” said Taylor. “(Today) is like doing seven years of investigations in one day.”

    Taylor said ARM has investigated farms in the area before, including exposing and shutting down multiple slaughterhouses in Northwest Miami-Dade since 2010.

    Officials have not released any information on any possible arrests or charges stemming from the findings.

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