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Ancient Indian Sinus Remedy Gains Popularity

Neti pots are gaining popularity in South Florida



    Neti pots are gaining popularity in South Florida. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011)

    A practice that started in ancient India is gaining popularity among sinus sufferers and doctors in South Florida. 

    Neti pots are made of plastic or ceramic, cost less than $20 and are sold inneighborhood drug stores. The device looks like a tiny tea kettle and works to rinse your nasal cavity.

    "Remember the nose is the body's air conditioner. It's a filter” said Dr. Egbert Devries, who is an ear nose and throat specialist at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston.

    Sinus sufferer Rose Falconeri said using a neti pot helps her with nasal congestion.

    “The pressure is relieved, the pressure I felt in the sinus is relieved and I breathe better,” she said.

    The neti pot holds about a cup of distilled lukewarm water. Powder that’s simply salt and baking soda. It helps flush out allergens and other irritants in your nose.

    “So by keeping it clean and getting the swelling and irritation away from the nose, the sinuses are healthier,” said Devries.

    It can be awkward to use. You have to lean into a sink with one side of your face tilted up. The pot's spout goes into that nostril and drains out the other. There are also more intense irrigation sprays.

    Devries gives these products to his patients, especially after sinus surgery. He says neti pots are something everyone should use.
     “I recommend twice a day. When you brush your teeth think about taking care of your nose as well,” he sad.
    Make sure you read and follow the instructions and never share neti pots.