Newborn Puppy Rescued, Adopted After Tied to Train Tracks in Florida

Newborn Pup Rescued After Tied to Train Tracks in Florida Rabecca Cruz

A newborn puppy has a second chance at life after a woman found a pup tied to train tracks and left to die.

Rabecca Cruz, a wedding and real estate photographer, was out snapping photos of a home in Pasco County when she heard a distress call from an animal.

"I walked over to the train tracks and found the newborn puppy," Cruz said.

When she tried to pick up the puppy, she realized that the animal’s front right leg was bound with twine to the tracks.

Cruz freed the puppy and immediately took her to the vet.

Also a volunteer at a local wildlife animal rescue organization, Cruz says things like this are not so uncommon.

The pup is now happy in a good, loving home after being adopted by a friend of Cruz.

Cruz says the Pasco County Sheriff's Office was alerted about the incident and is now involved in the case.