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Pitbull Beats DUI Rap

"Mr. 305" received a little home cooking after a jury found him not guilty of his second DUI



    Pitbull Beats DUI Rap
    Mr. 305 is not guilty.

    Pitbull has no problem swaying the crowd and it looks like that served him well in a Miami-Dade courtroom. On Thursday, a jury found Pitbull, AKA Armando Perez, not guilty of driving under the influence stemming from a 2007 incident on the Palmetto Expressway.

    The Cuban rapper was allegedly driving 93 mph in his Mercedes when he sped past a marked police car and was stopped. Pitbull took the stand and told jurors he was a victim of his own fame. "I was targeted because I am a celebrity," he said.

    And of course, driving almost 40 miles over the speed limit had nothing to do with it.

    It took the jury three hours to deliberate on the evidence, or maybe they were just listening to a Pitbull CD. In the rap game these days, an arrest makes your next album gold automatically. Beating a charge might send sales well past platinum status.

    The arresting officer testified Wednesday that "Mr. 305" refused to get out of the car when ordered to and when he did, the rapper failed virtually every field sobriety test. He couldn't even walk a straight line and the officer could smell alcohol on his breath.

    What saved Pitbull may be the fact that he refused a Breathalyzer test and none of the field tests were caught on the cop's dashboard camera.