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'Ouchless Needle' Used in Miami

Coconut Grove dermatologist first to offer 'ouchless needle' to his patients



    'Ouchless Needle' Used in Miami

    Coconut Grove dermatologist first to offer 'ouchless needle' to his patients. (Published Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012)

    A quick spritz of a vaporizing coolant is the key to the so-called "Ouchless Needle," a device designed to take the pain out of cosmetic injections.

    Yoli Diaz is in her early 30s but has been getting Botox for years. It definitely was not ouchless in the past.

    “It felt like a crunchy feeling, Diaz said.  “Toward the end of the injection you’re like 'Is it over? Is it over.' You’re wishing.”

    Today the new device was snapped onto the traditional syringe. Coconut Grove dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso sprayed the coolant right on her skin before inserting the needle.

    “ I felt nothing,” Diaz said.

    “By applying the coolant it makes the nerves that transport the sensation of pain, it distracts them and makes the needle go through without the nerves  knowing so much about it,” Busso said.

    To prevent needle pain, doctors can use numbing creams, but you have to wait about half an hour for it to take effect or you can use an actual needle with lidocaine.

    “I have tried the numbing cream before. I’s yucky, it’s messy,” said Diaz.

    Those pain-preventing methods can make it harder for the doctor.

    “The numbing cream might block some fine wrinkles so me might not see them as well, once they’re applied.  When we inject anesthetic that produces some swelling on the actual field where we’re injecting so this way we can see things the way they exactly are in reality,” said Busso.   

    There’s less wait time for the patient. and less swelling when the injections are over.