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Ozzie Guillen Quits Twitter

Marlins manager says he's tired of the social network, tells everyone to follow Logan Morrison instead



    Ozzie Guillen Quits Twitter

    Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has quit Twitter. The outspoken Guillen announced his exit from the popular social network Thursday afternoon, tweeting, "my last tweet. me ultimo tweet good luck buena suerte."

    But Guillen has a habit of saying things he doesn't really mean (cough, Castro, cough), so he was asked about that tweet before the Marlins' game against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday night.

    "I hate Twitter," he said, adding "Everybody who follows me can (expletive) his pants." Guillen has over 200,000 followers who read his tweets, twice the amount of the Marlins' next most popular tweeter, Logan Morrison.

    In fact, Guillen suggested his followers go to Morrison to get their fix from now on. "Follow LoMo," he said. "He's more fun. LoMo's got better stuff than me."

    Guillen said he feels like he has nothing to gain from Twitter. "I never made money on that... I'm not Kim Kardashian. I don't sell anything in my life to have Twitter."

    When the Marlins acquired Guillen last year, everyone thought he and Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison would form a dynamic social media duo. But the two never really interacted publicly on Twitter, to the disappointment of many.

    Guillen's Twitter voice was much like his actual voice. He spoke in a mixture of Spanish and broken English, and like many celebrities drew the ire of trolls. "People out there are nasty, nasty," he said Thursday. "I don't need the aggravation."

    Guillen did say that he will continue to write blog posts for his website, OzzieGuillen.com. "I get paid for the website, yes. Anything that makes me money. I will do it. Free things. Nothing."