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PETA Gets Naked for No Meat Message

Demonstrators give us yet another reason to love vegetarians



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    Naked PETA supporters have been prancing the streets throughout the globe, as this trio demonstrates in Seoul, South Korea.

    Even the carnivores were paying attention when two slender women in their twenties stepped out of their bathrobes and began showering together in downtown West Palm Beach.

    The women were from our favorite animal lovers, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the ultra-politically correct activist group that has turned to exploiting female sexuality to get people to stop eating meat, essentially showing flesh to stop the eating of flesh.

    The point of the publicity stunt was to inform people that one pound of meat is equal to six months of showers; so in order to conserve water people must go vegan. Or maybe it was that in order to conserve water, people should shower together.

    Whatever the message was, the stunt was mostly a tease for the number of men who stopped to check out the act, many of them snapping photos with their cell phone cameras. After all, the PETA women remained behind a non-transparent portable shower stall as they soaped each other under running water, revealing nothing but an affinity for open-toe high heel shoes.

    We’ve seen hotter action from a Super Bowl beer commercial. And as always, no animals were harmed in the making of this article or in the shower.