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Palin: I Love Marco Rubio. Call Me!

Sarah Palin begs to help Marco Rubio



    Palin: I Love Marco Rubio. Call Me!
    Dept. of Defense
    The NRA is hosting an election-watching party in Sarah Palin's hometown.

    Marco Rubio has needed very little help in crushing Gov. Charlie Crist's dreams of heading to Capitol Hill, but that hasn't stopped former Alaska governor Sarah Palin from trying to barge her way into his fan club.

    Palin Hearts Rubio

    The former U.S. vice-presidential candidate blew a few political kisses at Rubio during an appearance at the Southern Republican Leadership Convention in New Orleans recently - including an offer to bring her gun-toting, hockey mom support to South Florida.

    "I love Marco Rubio," Palin told a reporter. "Marco keep up the good work. Call me."

    Palin's politico-crush on Rubio shouldn't be surprising considering her former running mate, Sen. John McCain, has put his influence behind Crist. Even when they aren't in a race together, Palin and McCain are at odds.

    As for that phone call, Rubio should probably keep Palin waiting.