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Paparazzi Penance for Cutié Sellout

Pic man who nailed priest asks for forgiveness



    Paparazzi Penance for Cutié Sellout
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    One of the paparazzi photographers who caught Father Alberto Cutié on the beach with his lover is asking for forgiveness.

    He snapped Father Alberto Cutié getting randy in the sand but now one paparazzo is asking for forgiveness.

    Appearing on Univision's 'Cristina' talk show yesterday, photographer Lorenzo Gonzalez repented his sin of taking pics of Father Cutié frolicking on the beach with his lover but said he's just doing his job.

    "Truly, I want you to understand that we're only news providers," Gonzalez told host Cristina Saralegui, according to the Miami Herald.

    Gonzalez's photos got the popular Catholic priest kicked out of his Miami Beach parish and ostracized by local holy rollers.

    Juan Garcia Alejandro, the editor of Mexican magazine TV Notas USA, which ran about 25 photos of Cutié playing hanky panky with his lover, also appeared on the show, along with paparazzo Jose Luis Castillo.

    Alejandro said he spoke with Cutie the night before the photos ran, with Cutié asking how revealing they were.

    "But, Father, you're sticking your hand in her bikini," Alejandro told the priest.

    "My God, my God, my God," Cutié replied, according to Alejandro.

    The 40-year-old Cutié has given TV and newspaper interviews but has yet to discuss his future plans. Though he has not said whether he would remain a priest or leave the church, Cutié has professed his love for the woman he was caught with, reported to be 35-year-old Ruhama Canellis.

    But yesterday, Saralegui, a close personal friend of Cutié, gave the picture peddlers a stern rebuke.
    "I don't believe anything out of you three," Saralegui told her paparazzi guests. "We're not judging Rev. Cutié or the Catholic Church. We just needed to show the other side of the coin."