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'Pay It Forward' Treasure Hunts Spread Positivity Across Florida



    You find it, it’s yours!

    Treasure hunts are taking over beaches, state parks, landmarks, and parking lots across Florida, and one growing Facebook group is behind it all.

    “People just want to see something positive in the world right now,” said Florida Treasure Hunts founder Bo Griswold.

    In an act to pay it forward, people hide various amounts of their personal money around the state, and then post a photo to the Facebook page hinting to the location of the hidden treasure. It’s then up to the groups’ nearly 18,000 followers to find it.

    Photo credit: Florida Treasure Hunts

    “The hunts began as a way to get kids involved by getting them out of the house and off their Xbox,” said Griswold, who quickly realized adults reveled in the fun just as much.

    Griswold says the hunts can create special bonding time for families and can also be quite therapeutic.

    “We’ve gotten people out of depression, people who were actually having suicidal thoughts,” Griswold said of the abundance of tear-jerking messages he has received.

    The group, which first took off in Colorado, is now planning a free Sherlock Holmes-style $1,000 hunt, using real scrolls to decipher and no photo hints.

    The hunt will take place on August 5 at a location in Florida that has not yet been determined.

    Click here to join the fun and to stay updated on the latest hunt nearest you.