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Pets Experiencing Foreclosure Crisis, Too

Our four-legged friends are also in need of a bailout



    Pets Experiencing Foreclosure Crisis, Too
    Ginger Harris
    Due to the recession, many expensive breeds of dogs are winding up in shelters.

    We aren't the only ones having our homes pulled out from under us. Man’s best friend is also experiencing the recession. As many homeowners are forced to sell or lose their houses and move to rental properties, they’re having to bid farewell to their beloved pet, too.

    Shelters across the country are filling up with Yorkshire Terriers. Maltese and other pure-breed dogs their owners can no longer afford to keep. The abandoned pets are being dubbed “foreclosure dogs.”

    If you can no longer house your pet, the Humane Society urges you to find an alternative home for Fido. If this isn’t possible, they encourage you to contact your local animal shelter or humane society.

    On the flip side, however, if you’re looking to rescue a pet or give a donation, there are plenty of shelters around town where you can do so:

    NORTH MIAMI BEACH: Soffer and Fine Adoption Center at 16101 W. Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach

    MIAMI: South Clinic at Cutler Bay at 10700 S.W. 211 St. in Miami